A Presidents Distinguished Club


I visited a handful of clubs and couldn’t decide which to join. I ended up meeting a friend, who works for the PUC. When I told her I had visited the Puc(K)sters club, she said “That’s a group of really nice people.” That was the clincher for me and I have found it in spades. I like how the club has high standards, but is not uptight about how they go about things. I like the diversity in our club and how we have long-term members, who lend a lot of support to the newer members. We laugh a lot and really like each other. Gretchen Thometz

I joined Puc(K)sters Toastmasters club eight years ago. Being a member, but most importantly, an officer has helped me enrich my communication, presentation, and leadership skills. I was afraid of public speaking, like everyone else, but being a member gave me the opportunity to practice with genial fellow Toastmasters. I enjoy preparing for a speech and delivering it, but even more so getting feedback from a receptive group. I have learned to practice thinking on my feet by participating in the Table Topics speech program, which is a spontaneous speech from 1 to 2 minutes on a surprise topic. I also have strengthened my communication and interpersonal skills with my family and friends. Carmen Rocha

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